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About Rhosson Farm Campsite

Rhosson Farm Campsite is owned and managed by mother and son, Bethan & Rhys Price. The Campsite was first opened in the 1950s by the late Mr. William Lewis of Rhosson & Rhos y Cribed Farms

The Campsite & Chapel was then bought in an auction by John & Bethan in 2006 and the conversation of the derelict Chapel into a Cottage soon followed. 

The campsite has always been a basic, low-key site but with the same families and friends returning each year since the 50s! 

The Price family always owns and runs several other businesses around St Davids, including Voyages of Discovery, Quinquari Marine, and Losh's Pasties.

There is a good chance you will see Rhys or Bethan working in the other business during your stay in St Davids! 

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